ACT! Hosting Services

Do you want to use ACT! but don't have a Server for the job? Or maybe you just don't want to bother with having to manage your ACT! Database yourself? Then the ACT! Hosting Service is for you!

There are 4 ACT! Hosting Services to choose from.
Take a look through the table below to confirm which Hosting Service will be best for your business needs:
Ideal number of ACT!Users on service?* unllmited 5* 10* 20*
Australian Server?
Nightly (on-site) backup service included?
Off-site backup service included?
Static IP Address included?
SSL (Security)Certificaation included?
"Remote Desktop"access included?
ACT! Synchronistion service supported?
Support for multiple databases (if required)?
Integration with other Software?
Hard-drive space allocated (GB)? 10 10 10 250
RAM allcated? 1 1 1.5 4
Data Transfer IN (GB)? 3 3 3 3
Data Transfer OUT (GB)? 9 9 9 9
Terminal Service licenses included? 1 1 1 1
ACT! Software licenses included?
Private Server included?
Dedicated (Private) Server included?

Pricing Overview

SaaS is only $45+GST per user per month. Host5 is only $73+GST per month. Host10 is only $123+GST per month. Host20 is only $450+GST per month.
Additional Options: An extra 4GB RAM is only $177+GST per month. An extra Dual Core Opteron CPU is only $177+GST per month. Additional Terminal Server licenses are only $9+GST each per month. Additional data transfer (20GB IN/60GB OUT) is only $200+GST per month. 5GB extra Hard-drive space is only $19+GST per month.